Bilge water treatment

The patented Water Wall® technology can be used also in the naval sector for bilge water treatment.

All the waste produced by the boat flows into the bilge. In addition to water, lubricating oils, fuels, condensation liquids, black and gray waters and washing detergents accumulate in the bilge.

All these elements, mixed together, give rise to bilge water, a typical ship waste.

So oily bilge water is a mixture of oil, water and solids among other emulsifying ingredients.

bilge water treatment

Bilge water produced by ships is a very critical source of pollution if it is discharged into the sea and oceans without adequate treatment.

Also bilge water unpleasant smell and the proliferation of bacteria could expose the crew and passengers to unwanted risks.

Disposal of bilge water produced by ships into the sea is only possible when the concentration of oil residuals in water is lower than a certain threshold.

Traditional separation systems used for bilge water treatment need substantial investments in terms of costs to reach these limits.

The patented Water Wall® technology can be used also in the naval sector for bilge water treatment to remove oils and hydrocarbons from bilge waters, with a high efficiency and low economic impact.

Tests carried out in the port of Brindisi, Italy, have demonstrated that the efficiency of the bilge water treatment fulfills by a large amount the more restrictive legal limits imposed for the discharge of bilge water into the sea.

Technofluids was selected by the US Coast Guard – among over 70,000 international competitors – for the remediation of the Louisiana swamps, following the environmental disaster caused by the oil spill from the Horizon platform that occurred in the sea of the Gulf of Mexico.


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