oil in water separator

The mission of Technofluids, a company from Campagnola Emilia, Italy, has always been the protection of the environment. We are an innovative group of companies that work with communities, governments and businesses to clean up and preserve our ecosystem from oil pollution. To pursue this noble goal, we make the most of our skills, making use of qualified collaborators and using skills developed over years of experience.

 Technofluids designs and builds installations that use the technologies patented by its Research & Development manager, Dr. Alberto Torini. Every project we undertake and every ecological consultancy we provide follows a road map that starts from the detailed analysis of the input data, in terms of capacity. performance and guarantees, to provide sustainable systems and installations. The constant control of the projects together with the customers allows us to complete the projects within the pre-established time frame in the budgeting phase. The goal of all our work is to design and supply zero-emission systems for the complete protection of the environment.

The innovative separation technology is a significant breakthrough for water treatment solutions, environmental remediation and any other application where oily water is a problem. TTVM / G® is a thermo-volumetric engine that can use renewable energy sources such as biomass combustion, solar and geothermal heat or waste heat sources to produce electricity. 

The regeneration of electricity from waste heat leads to a reduction in energy bills, together with the elimination of emissions that are harmful to the environment. 


oil in water separator

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